Upcoming Pre-Form One Course Enrolment Now On!

We are now enroling students for our pre-form one class of 2019. Bring your child to experience the ambiance of Arusha Modern School.

We offer both day and boarding facilities for this session. The choice will depend on what is most convenient for the parent and child.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Pre-Form One Course Enrolment Now On!

  1. Hello there,
    We would be so glad to welcome your child to Arusha Modern School in 2020. However, it would be nice for the child to come and familiarise with the environment during the upcoming preform one course. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m looking for a secondary school for my foster child. She will finish class 7 at DINKA school end of September.
    I kindly ask to get all information about way of procedure to know a bit more and last but not least also amount of your school.
    With thanks and kind regards,
    Marly Riemer

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