Welcome to Arusha Modern Schools

Arusha Modern School (AMS) is a private school, registered under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Tanzania. It is also affiliated to the Cambridge Examination Board of London. The school runs Nursery, primary and Secondary school classes, boarding and day. The Nursery and Primary Schools are at Sakina area while Secondary school is at Njiro area, Arusha region.

AMS is built on the philosophy that every child can excel when given the right kind of guidance and support. It is a child-centric school as it is portrayed in the school logo. All the school activities revolve around developing a whole person. The school’s motto is ‘Education with Competence’ as its motto. It is committed to providing quality and value-based education in order to produce future leaders who have passion for Tanzanian and Africa.

The faculty members are selected from qualified professional teachers in Tanzania and from the neighbouring countries. The teachers are encouraged to embark on continuous learning especially in their fields of study. In addition the school organizes short technical and soft skills training courses as part of capacity building program for teachers. It encourages cross functional learning and experience sharing amongst teachers as well as coaching and mentoring from more experienced teachers

AMS strives to prepare graduates who will:

  • Uphold high standard of ethical, moral and civic conduct.
  • Make informed decisions on social issues
  • Foster tolerance, cooperation and discourage extremist views
  • Understand the people of the world through appreciation of diverse culture and what unite human beings as one creation

What makes AMS unique?

A strong belief that each student can excel in any field of study and become an effective leader either in academic, business, politics, spiritual and contribute to the development of Tanzania and Africa. AMS encourages its students to actively participate in the learning process.

A strong link to community services where students interact with the wider society through participating in various development projects, study excursions and social networking.

AMS is owned by shareholders who are not driven by profit motive but strong promoters of quality education. In order to achieve high standards and keep up with the expansion of the school, a lot of investment has gone into buildings, modern laboratory equipment, textbooks, computer laboratory, and office equipment. This investment paid dividends in terms of academic results in both the primary and secondary school sections.